about me

Miles || he/him || trans male || omnisexual || he/it/lie || 16


AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Miles!! I´m a crazy internet demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3

So GLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD you made it to mah DESPAIRFUL DEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look around, things are still a biggie wippie wip

One thing I have to tell about myself is that I love doing stories; complicated ones.I also love dystopian stuff!!

My main goals in life are mostly storytelling related, because that´s the strongest of my talents and I´m passionate about it.

I wanna create a story driven videogame someday!! My biggest passion projet is a Danganronpa fan game called Stairway2Despair.

I love Danganronpa A LOT, but I focus more on fan projects than studying the actual lore.


Fun facts!!

-I have ADHD, ASD and OCD (all prof. diagnosed i think, though i have nothing against careful self diagnosis)

-My favourite colors are pink, grey and black, and i wear a lot of those colors

-I love larvae, but I´m afraid of some flying bugs though i like all bugs

-I´m afraid of static electricity and balloons (they pop)

-I like old cartoons and comics and collecting merch of them!!!! I have a Wile E. Coyote plushie :D



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